SuperBowl 44 a Great Success for Online Wagering

Published Monday, February 08, 2010 -

The most gambled on game in America is arguably the Super Bowl played this year in Florida where the weather was perfect and both teams at the top of their form. This year’s 44th Super Bowl was a great spectacle for anyone who watched the game, it was exciting and tension filled. The betting was rampant in both Reno and Vegas but even more so online. The stats that have come in so far surpass last year’s results by a long shot. With the New Orleans Saints coming onto the field as the underdogs and winning the toss the game became a minute by minute betters dream. The odds were tight with the Colts favoured to win, so punters who followed their hearts were surprised when the Saints took charge and changed things in their favour.

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority an estimated 278,000 Super Bowl fans came to the top gambling destination to wager and have some fun. This figure is up by almost 14-percent over last year's Super Bowl weekend. The betting volume of over $81.5 million last year is sure to be surpassed. This is however is not expected to break the record $94.5 million made during the 2006 Super Bowl event. The Reno Gazette reported that hotels and casinos were full and people were definitely in a good mood. Some Casinos said that things were as good or better than last year's attendance which they consider a sign that the economy must be improving in the USA. It was reported that traffic on the Google search engine was dominated by Gambling911. Sports books across the board offered many options for the punter everything from which team would win the toss to how much of a point spread there would be at the end of the match. Win or lose it was a great game with some surprising results.

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