U.K.Search Engine Optimization Firm Gearing Up for USA Market

Published Monday, February 08, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Search engine optimisation firm Latitude considers it's self a leading edge company in the sector with clients that include Bet365, Virgin Games and Victor Chandler. It has made public in an interview with Crain's Manchester Business news, that it is working hard to be a front runner in the USA when and if the online gambling market opens up in that country. Alex Hoye, CEO of Latitude said after he was attended the recent International Gaming Expo in London he was convinced, judging by the mood of the industry professionals who where at he Expo that the USA will eventually regulate and licence online gambling there. Hoye who is from North Carolina USA said, “We operate campaigns in America and we have lots of experience in the gaming sector so it would be very significant for us.” referring to the possible repeal of theUnlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. At Latitude, Hoye is pinning growth hopes on the gaming, retail and SME sectors now that Latitude has emerged from a refinancing in January which saw it briefly go into administration. Barclays Bank was reported to have written off about £5m of the company's debt while private equity backers Vitruvian Partners put in more funding. The refinancing has also given the new company, Latitude Digital Marketing Ltd, more capital for potential acquisitions and technical updates. Latitude has resisted moving it's operations offshore to India with a responsible approach to keeping jobs in the U.K. Latitude employs 75 mostly technical professionals in Warrington and about 20 staff in London who are primarily involved in sales.

Rival SEO firm Just Search, managing director, Paul Yates, commented, “We have had some gaming clients but to be honest we have always found that clients in that industry are quite restricted on spend,” he added. “Because it is restricted in other markets, getting a gaming company a good listing organically takes a lot of work. Legalisation (in the states) would be fantastic for anyone in our industry.”

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