Two Online SportsBooks Shut Down in USA

Published Thursday, April 08, 2010 -


The authorities in the USA that have been following illegal gambling operations for the past 32 months have now put their investigation into arrest mode. The New York Police Department’s Organised Crime Division have charged 38 individuals with operating illegal online sports gambling businesses. Richard A Brown, Queens District Attorney Brown was backed up by members of the NYPD, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Broward County Sherriff’s Office during the press conference that explained the proceedings.

The defendants allegedly ran online sports betting websites and a toll-free phone number to distribute and collected wagers through out the USA. If the accused are found guilty a prison term of up to twenty five years could be sentenced. It is estimated over $170 million in wagers had been collected during the time the police were investigating the activities of these businesses. Charges will include money laundering, promoting gambling, conspiracy, and enterprise corruption charges. Millions of dollars in property and large quantities of cash have been seized during the raids on the various individuals homes and businesses.

Arrests were made in Arizona. Florida, New York, Louisiana, and Nevada. Modern technology, was the main tool used by the accused operators of the online sports books. Brown revealed there were five gambling websites as far as they knew that were big enough to handle large volumes of wagering from anywhere in the USA. Brown commented, “Unfortunately for the defendants, the law enforcement community is just as adept in using new technology to stop those involved in such criminal pursuits,” adding, “Today’s arrests close down two highly lucrative gambling operations and send a loud and clear message that law enforcement will keep up the pressure.” The pressure should be on the US government to clarify it's position on online gambling and bring needed legislation to the country and make online gambling a regulated and licensed form of entertainment.


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