Sky Betting and Gaming Moves to Leeds England

Published Thursday, September 09, 2010 -

The early days of online gambling saw many speculators saying it's just a passing trend and it won't last too long. Now here we are at least a decade into the "trend" and the industry keeps growing and growing.
Back in 2000 British Sky Broadcasting which was founded in 1990, acquired Sports Internet Group in a deal which included telephone and an online sports betting operation called Surrey Sports, along with Planet Football and Opta Index.
In July of 2002 Surrey Sports was re-branded as Sky Bet an in 2006, online betting companies Totalbet and UKbetting were consolidated into Sky Bet when BSkyB's purchased the 365 Media Group.
Sky Betting and Gaming has just moved it operations to the city of Leeds in the midlands of England which is of interest to the people of the area.
A Yorkshire Post feature article presented some revealing facts about the company and it's motivation for the next part of the success story for the company. 
Richard Flint the CEO for the Sky Bet Group told the Yorkshire Post that the company has been expanding it's marketing and technical sectors to deploy new technology and develop new methods for increased accessibility to the gambling market. Restructuring and adjustments have lead to revenue growth of twenty five percent per year on average.
Flint revealed to the newspaper the company had ambitious plans to double its gross margin over the next five years.
Along with the intent to expand the firms offerings to include the lucrative Italian market it will also focus more effort on mobile gambling and live in play action.
Flint explained to the Yorkshire Post a player base of around 400,000 customers were currently active and that was expanding at a rate of 30 percent a year.
Mr. Flint also pointed out that regulated and licensed online gambling provides a safer and reliable venue for the activity.






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