Internet Betting the New Revenue Generator for Governments

Published Tuesday, November 09, 2010 -

Some people get upset with their government for trying to advertise the lottery or casinos. Critics of gambling in general say that it is a vise that steals vast sums of cash from the poor who look to the lottery and gambling as a possible solution to their financial troubles.

Many times people say when I win the big one I’ll be set for life. People do win and sometimes the wins are big depending on the risks taken. The lure to play at casinos has never been more obvious with the television adverts, billboards and other campaigns created by government agencies to get people to put their cash into the system.

Luck plays a big role in life and so many individuals see their fortunes spinning on the roulette wheel the slot machines or the turn of the cards as a viable way to seek success.

There are rules that one should set out before temping lady luck with the insertion of a bank card or twenty dollar bill. First of all know your limits, if you are putting money on the line that’s should be used to feed your family restrict that impulse to play more.

That being said it becomes a matter of will power to resist risking more than one can really afford. It becomes harder when the advertising portrays riches beyond the average dream with tuxedos, gowns, fine cars, and massive houses as the lure. 

Online gambling possesses the same life changing opportunity but on a much more personal level. The internet gambler can be easily distracted by the comfort level that prevails by the experience of playing in your own home. It may be that very accessibility that can create a lack of discretion when it comes to playing to the max. Yet the interaction is great entertainment for many gamblers who see it as a past time worth the money.

As government agencies tend to promote gambling, critics advise people to beware of the problems that could arise from the over use of online gambling. The need for revenue generators has put online gambling on the front burner for governments and it is always wise to remember that freedom of choice means you are still in control.

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