Intralot Australia Treated Unequally During Licensing Process

Published Wednesday, March 09, 2011 -

The Gambling Licensing Review Panel, chaired by Ron Merkel Queen’s Counsel, has found that Intralot Australia was “unequally” treated during the process that resulted in the awarding of a Victoria’s Category 2 Lotteries License.

During the bidding process for Victoria’s public lottery licenses both public lottery licences had been prohibited by law from entering into exclusive arrangements for the distribution of lottery products but Tattersall’s Dedicated Area sought to amend that situation. A panel reviewing the state’s lottery licences discovered the Greek giant Intralot should have been advised of the former government’s willingness to negotiate on conditions relating to dedicated areas, a report put forward said it in fact found the unequal treatment not intentional.
In 2007 Intralot Australia was granted a 10 year licence by the Victorian Government to operate a variety of lottery games and instant tickets. Intralot Australia was also awarded a contract by Western Australia's Lotterywest to provide IT and systems support for Lotterywest's entire operations.

Intralot Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of INTRALOT S.A. Integrated Lottery Systems and Services, a company which operates in over 50 countries across five continents.
Intralot Australia’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Leo Watling commented, “Mr Merkel’s findings are an important acknowledgement of the damage that has been caused by the previous Government’s flawed licensing process. While Tattersall’s was given preferential treatment with their license Intralot has suffered and continues to suffer great reputational and financial damage because of this error.”

The Gambling Licensing Review Panel commented that the Victorian government has said that it will consult with lottery licensees and agents before responding to the report’s findings.
Watling  continued, “We have been trading with our hands tied behind our back from day one. We trust that the Minister for Gaming, Michael O’Brien, who recognised this issue some time ago, can accelerate a solution as quickly as possible.”

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