District of Columbia May Be First for Intrastate Online Poker

Published Saturday, April 09, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

The USA is a land of diversity and it seems like it is a place where anything can happen. Now it may be the Capital District Washington D.C.to be the first to legalize internet poker. The irony is that this is a little state on it’s own where the laws are made and the rules created. The District of Columbia is a major area for international tourism and everything that goes along with a Capital city. 

The State government is challenging the federal government's effective ban on the practice in its own backyard.
Efforts from gambling companies to legalize online poker was squashed in Congress last year after several key Republican representatives voiced loud concern about the practice, in part on moral grounds. Since then there have been calls to allow other States to legalize online gambling. Republican Governor Mr. Christie of New Jersey vetoed a bill that would have pulled Atlantic City out of its slump.

The Poker Players Alliance, which represents the interests of offshore poker sites that wouldn't be able to participate in the district's system, argues that the pool of poker players in the city of around 600,000 isn't big enough to create a viable business.
Yet John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance, said that because it would be in Congress's backyard, the system might help the organization's goal of getting federal legislation passed allowing online poker.
The city council approved a budget last year allowing the district's lottery to operate a poker website accessible only inside district boundaries. City officials say the window for Congress to raise objections to the law was due to expire Thursday, which has allowed it to take effect.
Opening the district to online gambling could make the nation's capital the first test case for "intrastate" online poker, which allows only players within a state, or the district, to gamble on a site.




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