Online Gambling Operators Need to Step Up the Consumer Experience

Published Wednesday, November 09, 2011 -

Keeping in the loop is a big part of today’s internet gambling scene and operators know that the promotion of their web sites must meet with public approval in order to gain traction.
A recent study organized with the help of Toluna Quick, surveyed 5,000 UK consumers of online services this past September as part of research for the Econsultancy / Foviance Multichannel

Customer Experience Report. The consumer survey report revealed that the gaming sector is in need of some attention. Gambling customers want the best odds to bet on, and, a user-friendly website, efficient customer service and quick resolution of problems.  Consumers of gambling related online services want to see improvement in those areas. The study shows that a user-friendly website is very important reflecting the new interest in internet gambling. 

Viewing the results the stats call into question the development curve online gambling operators are on. Online is the most used form for wagering, with 44% betting using a desktop computer, mobile or tablet, and just 26% going to the local book maker.
The use of mobile devises for wagering is more prevalent in the 18 to 34 age demographic, with 15% saying they placed a bet on their phones within the past six months. E -commerce consumers said 47% would endorse a gambling brand, compared with a high of 73% for retailers, and 64% for mobile phone brands, the second lowest score.
Surveys for the e commerce industry such as this one show the gaming industry the way of the future. Stats that represent the situation as it stands now can plan for their expansion directions. The customer experience is a big factor in the online gambling operator’s development and trends. Mobile has a grip on the younger set so those investing in online gambling operations should look for more developments in that direction.



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