French 7-1 Win over Croatia Stirs Online Gambling Controversy

Published Friday, December 09, 2011 -

The French gaming authority Arjel has decided to investigate a suspicious football match within the Championship League. News sources around the world have been following the fiasco with keen interest. The Dinamo Zagreb team has even fired coach Krunoslav Jurcic after ending their Champions League campaign with a 7-1 home loss to French side Olympique Lyon.
The suspicion was peeked by the numbers after an improbable six goal difference came about abruptly.  Arjel is “currently carrying out checks” into the result of a match that looked too good to be true for the French Olympique Lyon.
The loss had the club's executive director Zdravko Mamic in a disturbed state commenting to the Croatian reporters.  “The board convened straight after the game and we decided to part company with Jurcic because this was an embarrassing end to our interest in Europe this season,"

The dismissed Jurcic acknowledged Dinamo were always going to struggle at this level of Europe's premier club competition. "It's difficult to find an alibi after a 7-1 drubbing but reaching the group stage was deemed a huge success at the start of the season and I'd rather we tried to punch above our weight and learn than play in the Europa League," Juric added, "We have all the makings of a young and inexperienced team which can't deal with difficult situations, when players get paralyzed by adversity instead of fighting back."

Arjel may not have considered any investigation if the outcome had been 5 to 1. The French side released a statement explaining their position, “Completely in tune with the procedures of the governing body for online betting … The club totally approves of this action that is undertaken whenever a sporting result is considered unusual and we regret that comments have not been confined to the sporting aspect of an incredible achievement both for Olympique Lyonnais and French football as a whole”.






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