888 Poker Online Gambling Spot Pulled by U.K.'s Advertizing Standards Authority

Published Friday, March 09, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

The history of online gambling in the U.K has seen its fair share of funny and almost bizarre advertizing concepts over the years and some of them have been found objectionable to the general public. The U.K.’s Advertizing Standards Authority has for the most part been diligent in keeping things on an even keel making sure all minority groups and sensitive people aren’t  scared for life by images or ideas.

The latest edict has come down from the Authority that asks the ad placed by 888 Poker in 2011 be removed from the airwaves. After the ASA received a complaint about the spot last year, and after careful review of the facts the ASA has come to the conclusion that the spot breached the high standards of the organization. It was determined that the advert in some way connected gambling with seduction.

The spot which promotes the PokerCam innovation on 888 Poker web site is now removed. The details in the reasoning for its removal were revealed with the request. The advertizing depicts a young man turning on his web cam for a game of internet poker with the voice over sound saying, , “You never know who you might meet at a PokerCam table,” The scene then shows a group of other poker players  which includes as one might guess a bunch of young women and one playing beside a pool dressed in a bikini.
It was determined that the voiceover and the spot was particularly “flirtatious and seductive.” thus it was in violation of the Code of Advertising Practices set out by the ASA. An objection was made by  888 Poker that maintained it was an innocent advert that promoted an innovative approach to playing online poker something the advocacy group Clearcast supported. Other high profile online gambling firms have been subject to the ASA’s high ethical standards, most recently the spot Paddy Power produced that bent the gender envelope. 888Poker has the option to modify and resubmit the advertizing campaign if it chooses.


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