Innovative Technology Driving Bodog's Online Casino in U.K.

Published Wednesday, May 09, 2012 -

The internet gambling experience is driven by technology and the more savvy you are in using the available technology the bigger the comfort zone becomes. Making it ‘easy’ has always been the mandate of the online gambling industry and for the most part the process is relatively simple, but to achieve the simple some very complex things are happening in the background.

Mobile gaming is definitely the wave of the future as operators find their strengths in making mobile online gambling possible for the millions of smartphone users on the planet. The younger demographic is the action the online casino operators are targeting and they are the ones with the latest tools for the job. A recent press release from Bodog’s U.K. division which received it’s highly regarded license to operate from the U.K. Gambling Commission last July announces its focus on technology. For the most part the innovations for casino games on the net haven’t kept pace with the new mobile and tablet tools.

A move forward in this regard has Bodog appointing Sathish Seshadri as Software Development Director. Mr. Sathish commented, ‘this is a great opportunity to realign development with business priorities and objectives’. One of Sathish’s main objectives will be to work with the newly appointed Bodog U.K.’s Head of Casino, Adam Joseph, in offering more products with more innovation. Bodog CTO, Stefan Matthews, explained, “Mixing the innovative nature of the existing members of the business with a strengthened tech team will see a huge change in our business model and underpins fundamental improvements in our sportsbook and casino production systems as we approach Euro 2012. Sathish has the experience both from a gaming background and an IT background to take these platforms to the next level.” Just as a chef would begin with the best ingredients to make a spectacular meal so an online casino operator would gather the best available technology and knowhow to develop a great game.

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