Online Sports Betting Makes Arbitrage Tracking Simple

Published Thursday, August 09, 2012 -

Making miracle bets or sure bets is called arbitraging and the process is common in sports betting where a punter takes advantage of the difference in opinions on event outcomes or just plain errors. While bookies disapprove of the action of placing one bet per each outcome with different betting companies, the punter can make a profit. In the punters slang an arbitrage is often referred to as an arb and wagering people who use arbitrage are called arbers. A typical arb is around 2 percent, but often less; however 4-5 percent profits are occasionally seen and during some special events they might reach as much as 20 percent. Arbitrage betting involves relatively large sums of money because the stakes are bigger than in normal betting.

With the use of the Internet, odds-comparison websites and especially betting exchanges have enabled the practice and made it easier to accomplish. On the other hand, these changes also made it easier for bookmakers to keep their odds in line with the market and make their offering less easy to take advantage of. Generating profit, with the use or arbitrage has been established in the United Kingdom with sports arbitraging which consists of main punters employing others to place bets on their behalf. This style of play minimizes detection by the books who when discovering a punter using the technique usually suspends their accounts and refuses their bets.

The teams efforts increase their accessibility to bookmakers and allows the key arbers with the money in the game to stay at a computer to keep on top of market changes and differences. Arbs have a few drawbacks that change them from being theoretically ”risk free” to just being an actual bet. Arbs in online sports markets have a median lifetime of around 15 minutes, after which the difference in odds underpinning them vanishes through betting activity. However bookmakers usually post their odds days in advance and rarely change them once they've been set. These arbs can have a shelf life of many hours. Remember keeping track of all the various bets is a considerable challenge, and requires excellent record-keeping.

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