Democratic Party Silence on Online Gambling Positive Says PPA

Published Sunday, September 09, 2012 -

The election in the USA has nominated the party leaders, with the Republican party coming out firmly against online gambling and internet poker in the party manifesto. On the other hand who would expect otherwise seeing the Republican’s were the ones who brought in the prohibition of online gambling at the end of Presidents Bush’s administration.

The problems that the new Democratic administration inherited are of a magnitude that any leader of the USA would have trouble chewing through. It is interesting to see that the Democratic manifesto does not mention online betting in any way.

Barack Obama, the current leader of the free world is known to like a friendly game of cards on occasion. When the country is in deep financial trouble and jobs are hard to find a president should concentrate on things of greater importance than the right to play poker over the internet. This viewpoint is echoed by some online gambling critics that think this approach is a positive one.

The strong lobby group in the USA the Poker Players Alliance was of the opinion that the decision not to include the issue of online gambling into the Party's manifesto is a good. John Pappas executive director of the PPA said that the decision not to include the issue means that the Democratic Party agrees with the legalization of online poker. John Pappas has been engaged in high-level policy and political consulting in Washington, D.C., for the last 14 years and prior to taking a full-time position as vice president of government affairs for the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) he was a public affairs consultant for the Washington PR firm Dittus Communications. During his four years at Dittus, Pappas served as a media and policy advisor for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, start-up firms, trade associations and grassroots organizations like the PPA.

Detractors of the Democratic manifesto ignoring the issue say the party is afraid of losing votes and didn’t want to stir up the hornet’s nest of undecided voters who may disagree with a position positive or negative.

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