Ontario Canada Still Waiting for Legal Online Gambling

Published Saturday, March 09, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com

Recent news that a single mother has won a big lottery prize of $30 million CND after buying only one ticket at a local store in Ontario has many punters checking their numbers from the last draw. Gambling in a country as big as Canada isn’t that easy what with the winter weather and the distances one must go to find a casino to play in so the addition of online gambling to the mix is going to be welcomed by those who like to play.

The Ontario Lottery Corporation is getting ready to roll out its online gambling offering in the fall of 2013 and while the concern about a terrestrial casino and hotel multi-billion dollar development proposed for Toronto is getting press there is little feedback about the online proposal. The OLG says eight million people played the lottery last year of which 2.7 million people came to OLG facilities. Ontarians are spending $400 million every year at off-shore gaming sites and the government wants a piece of that action. The opposition parties in the Ontario legislature are critical of the OLG’s attempt to moderize their aged casino products.

Ontario’s massive $12- billion deficit is a big incentive to produce a revenue generator with online gambling but it may be just grasping at straws by tying to attract the under forty five demographic. The new site will allow Ontarians to play interactive casino-style games against the house or each other and buy lottery tickets using their computers or smart phones. The plan will generate about $100 million in net profit to the province every year. That projected amount is indeed a projected amount and not carved in stone after all consumers may still use offshore gambling sites reducing the projected amount.

Ontario’s New Democratic Party Leader Andrea Horwath, has said Ontarians already have enough gaming opportunities also opined, “Now we have ‘click your mouse, lose your house’ kind of gaming and I don’t know if that’s necessary,”

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