Amaya Gaming Group Online Gambling Strategy

Published Thursday, May 09, 2013 -
Amaya Gaming Group Online Gambling Strategy

Instinct for a good business deal is something like learning a new language you have to study hard and watch for the signs. Any analyst worth their salt reads a million reports and makes progress charts as the strategy of the firm unfolds. The stock market is full of choices but there are those which look much better than others. The interesting thing is when a stock starts to surge everyone is suddenly in a buying mood creating a buzz which has its own fallout.

One stock and rightfully so has benefited from interest is Amaya Gaming Group whose shares have surged 65 per cent over the past year. The diversity the company is displayed by its acquiring of properties to expand on access to the global gambling market, including online poker and actual gaming machines with the purchase of Cadillac Jack Inc., a manufacturer of slot machines.

The Montreal Canada based firm bought online casino games developer Cryptologic Ltd. giving it the capability that at one time rivaled most of the giants as a game developer of some note. Software provider Chartwell Technology Inc. also added to the range and scope of offerings Amaya has in the online gambling industry. The possible opening up of internet wagering and the expanding terrestrial gambling market in the USA and elsewhere is giving speculators of Amaya stock the courage to invest. Amaya’s stock hit a 52-week high earlier this week with the posting of better-than-expected fourth-quarter returns.

Amaya is able to offer one-stop shopping for a terrestrial casino and also can outfit any virtual online casino with ease. As more American states develop their own internet policies and bring internet poker to a network of legal jurisdiction the market for what Amaya has to offer will only become stronger. There are many firms competing for the privilege of serving these new venues so there is still some risk for Amaya but researching how the firm has grown, those risks are looked at as relatively low.

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