U.K. Lottery Informing Online Punters About Changes

Published Monday, September 09, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com
U.K. Lottery Informing Online Punters About Changes

The national lottery in the United Kingdom, Camelot has not raised the ticket prices in nineteen years so the change is a massive one for all the regular punters.

The price of a lottery line is set to double to £2 on October 5th, and direct debit orders need to be updated to reflect this new price, said a spokesperson for Camelot. If players don't make the necessary changes, their debit orders will be void and they will not be able win on them.

Camelot is sending out emails and reminder letters to hundreds of thousands of lottery players who pay by debit order to amend their payment methods before the change comes into effect. "We have been sending emails and letters, depending on whether they have an online account or a postal account, to all of our Lotto direct debit players,"

"These give them simple step-by-step instructions on what they need to do to continue their direct debit. If a player hasn't opted in to the new game by a specified date their direct debit will cease and we will inform them of the last Lotto draw in which they are entered." explained the spokesperson for Camelot. Under new lottery guidelines, the Saturday jackpot will climb from just over £4 million to £5 million, and the prize for matching three numbers will go from £10 to £25, while four matching numbers will gain players £100.

Camelot tried to say it was being proactive in making sure everyone is informed of the changes, "It's a huge effort but we know that the vast majority of our players appreciate having more, rather than less, contact from us as the last thing we, or they, would want is for somebody not to be entered into the draw without realizing it."

Camelot tried to dispel the resentment expressed by some unhappy lottery players, "We are, however, confident that the vast majority of our existing players will love the changes we are making and the new prizes they will be able to win."

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