Online Gambling With The Bitcoin Lottery

Published Saturday, November 09, 2013 -
Online Gambling With The Bitcoin Lottery

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there is another internet game that has something to do with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This time its a provably fair Bitcoin gambling platform which is donating 10% of all profits to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Besides the generous donation of profits to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, FairProof is provably fair, has a low 1.9% house fee, is fully anonymous and features instant deposits and withdrawals.

There are many dreaming of making millions with the Bitcoin and its trending to new highs. The Bitcoin reached almost $400.00 US recently, something no one thought possible a few months ago. Creating an intuitive gaming experience for Bitcoin users has been the priority for the FairProof developers.

Players simply choose the range where they think the winning number will fall from 0 to 99. If a player wins they get the profit credited in Bitcoin to their account, the amount is specified under the input field before users start a game. A slider at the bottom of the screen can be moved left and right to review a user’s previous bets, the bets of all the other players, and review account balance history.

If you hit the bull's eye you win and lose the bet if you miss it. The fair-play lottery is related to each drawing which is associated with encrypted data which you can use to find out whether this or that figure was really chosen before you made your bet.

The site also utilizes the most advanced provably fair technology to be found in the online Bitcoin gambling arena. The Sha256 algorithm which is integral to Bitcoin itself is used. The server seed hash and client seed are publicly visible on the website. Furthermore, players can generate, use, and check the fairness of new client seeds as often as they want. There is a test available on the site worth checking into if you play with Bitcoins.

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