Online Gaming Reduces Stress Research Suggests

Published Wednesday, December 09, 2009 -

The latest knowledge coming out of university research about gaming is very positive indeed. A study recently conducted by McGill University in Montreal Quebec Canada is suggesting that online gaming activities are actually good for your health. This comes as surprise to some but to others who enjoy gaming online or even gambling a few dollars they know it reduces stress levels significantly. The fact that stress kills is well known to doctors and anyone who has experienced that out of control feeling while waiting in line or in heavy traffic. Playing online games including casino games not only had players feeling less stressed but also that the stress hormone, cortisol, fell by an average of 17 percent. This is proof for some behavioural scientists that playing online games is a viable method for reducing harmful and counter productive stress levels. Stress causes destructive behaviours such as over eating and drinking in excess, causing heart problems and social instability.

In an Eastern Carolina University USA study conducted over six months and including 134 subjects they found computer games were able to reduce stress and make people a little happier in general.

A Oxford University U.K. study found that gaming may be effective in dealing with post traumatic stress syndrome. Playing online can be an escape mechanism that researchers are convinced is good for the player diverting the individual's mind and allowing a relaxed mood. Stress can lower the immune system's effectiveness causing headaches and irritable bowel syndrome, and there are studies suggesting links between stress and cancer. So it is possible that one may live longer if they play games on their computer.

An online casino conducted it's own informal research of individuals playing blackjack on their web site revealed that 74% of the players felt that the games were a way to ease stress and have fun. Those who reported that the game didn’t help with stress were generally playing for higher stakes. An earlier survey of roulette players had roughly the same results with 77% finding the game a good way to release stress. While some high stakes games may cause some stress, playing a friendly game of poker or bingo has for many been a great escape from the daily grind.


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