Online NCAA March Madness Betting Begins

Published Tuesday, February 09, 2010 -

It doesn't take long after the Super Bowl is over for sports fans to turn their attention to another opportunity to watch super games and predict the outcome. Already sports books are looking at the future outcomes for the NCAA basketball tournament in the USA.


The 2010 NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Tournament will involve 65 schools playing in a single elimination tournament to determine the national champion of men's NCAA Division I. It is scheduled to begin on March 16, and will conclude with the championship on April 5 at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Recently the favourite team to win the championship is by far Kansas. The odds on Kansas to win the title stands at 9-5 thus far which isn't that bad considering how far down the field these odds are projected. NCAA March Madness tournament futures are a difficult bet when assuming the Jayhawks continue to advance and other teams contending such as the Badgers who look like a team on an upswing, poised for a strong finish. Much of today's future betting odds are based on watching the strengths and weaknesses of each round of competitions the outcome altering the seed positions and possible match ups. Most bettors do not consider playing 9-5 odds the most appealing option in sports gambling. Looking at the other teams with possible gains in mind may be a more profitable play. The sports books are making us work for our winnings and at this stage of the tournament they are playing it as safe as you can get. New Mexico with odds of 200-1 seem a little too steep for the Lobos, predicted to be a possible 4 or 5 seed. The championship event will also be the first Final Four at the Lucas Oil Stadium, which can accommodate approximately seventy thousand spectators. 


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