U.K.Gambling Commission Study Reveals More Positive Perception

Published Tuesday, February 09, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

The UK Gambling Commission has recently released yet another set of stats from the surveys of the gambling industry that the organization commissioned. This particular survey was based on two distinct sets of questions commissioned and conducted by ICM Research in the U.K. Gambling through a computer, mobile phone or interactive digital TV or what was termed remote forms of gambling was one line of questioning. While another set of questions pertained to participation in gambling in all it's forms including online. The questions were given to seven thousand people and resulted in an interesting report. The key findings were for the year 2009 ending in December and were not overly revealing to researchers. Not surprisingly the most popular gambling activity remained the National Lottery, followed by tickets for society or other good cause lotteries and National Lottery scratch cards. Betting on horse races, slot machines, and private betting and gaming with family and friends were the next most popular gambling activities. Of the adults surveyed over fifty five percent indicated that they had participated in at least one form of gambling in the previous four weeks. An older male dominated demographic was
revealed with the average age being over forty five years. The specific questions regarding remote gambling showed a moderate increase in the activity from year to year of around one percentage point. The National Lottery draw was again the most popular gambling past time. Almost fifty percent of those who responded to the questions said they considered gambling in the U.K. fair and could be trusted, up slightly since last years survey. Fourteen percent of respondents felt that the crime most associate with gambling was larceny committed by gambling addicts to support their addiction. A more positive perception of gambling has emerged as more gamblers were less likely to associate gambling with criminal activity.

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