Asian Online Gambling 'Significant Part' of Market

Published Wednesday, June 09, 2010 -

It comes as no surprise to anyone who watches the trends in gambling to hear that the online gambling industry is ready to explode in the Asian jurisdictions. The Global Gaming Asia conference, being held in one of the worlds most profitable gambling destinations, on the island of Macau near mainland China delegates have been receiving factual confirmation that that Asia will surpass the USA as the gambling capital of the world.

Chief of the American Gaming Association, Frank Fahrenkopf, stated at the conference, "The growth of the market in Asia has been incredible," and that recent survey statistics indicated that the industry in Asia had "unlimited" potential. Other AGA comments proposed that online gambling was likely to emerge as a "significant part" of the global market unaffected by the prohibition in the USA. Delegates at The Global Gaming Asia conference learned that Singapore and other Southeast Asian nations are now building up their gambling sectors.

Japan is the unknown factor in the debate as to which nation or area will dominate the gambling scene in Asia. Currently Asian countries are consolidating significant potential including Singapore, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines but Japan with it's antiquated laws regarding online gambling and casinos is loosing ground and possibly huge revenues. There are no online Japanese casinos and internet gambling is prohibited in Japan. There are few measures taken to prevent players from accessing foreign casinos and  because these operations are from offshore the Japanese government has no jurisdiction, so there is little they can do to prevent players from playing. It is estimated that over 10 million Japanese citizens regularly play at online casinos.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Sands, Sheldon Adelson, commented at the opening of Marina Bay Casino in Macau, that the Japanese tend to “see gaming as a form of entertainment while Westerners would rather spend money on dining and going out with friends.”


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