Chartwell Games to Power Globet Online Casino

Published Saturday, July 10, 2010 -

Globet International Sports Betting Limited has announced it has selected the Chartwell Games Platform (CGP) to power its online casino. It is the latest client to do so. Chartwell Technology Inc. (TSX:CWH) is a leading provider of gaming systems and games and is a platform for the regulated aspect of the internet casino gaming industry.
Globet is one the oldest internet betting companies in the UK, founded in 1995. Its main focus of business activity has been in Southern and Central Europe. It offers many choices of betting services including casino and games using third-party platforms.
Its recent decision to transition its licensed gaming business operations to the UK from Gibraltar was due in order to facilitate better product management and growing marketing activities. To date, it can boast a client base of over 500,000 customers worldwide which places it in the top list of European bookmakers based in London.
Dan Phillips CEO of Chartwell Games (International) Ltd. says, "Globet is an excellent addition to our client roster," Speaking of Chartwell’s reputation he states "Not only are they an established and respected brand with large geographical reach in our core market, but they are returning to us having been a valued client from 2003 to 2006."
Concurring with Phillips, Mr. Enrico Salvatori, Managing Director of Globet says, "The decision to implement the Chartwell casino comes from the fact that the Management group considers this one of the best products in the market and one that suits Globet's business model moving forward." Chartwell's team is known for its highly trained professionals. Chartwell’s Java and Flash based software products and games are designed for deployment in gaming, entertaining, advertising and promotional applications. If is committed to delivering the highest quality software and maintaining its market edge through continuous development and unparalleled customer support.



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