PokerStars Cleans Poker Room Of 'Bots'

Published Sunday, October 10, 2010 -

The nearest thing to your computer is basically a robot that thinks, especially when you are connected to the world wide web. Remember there are millions of computers connected by a fine line of data that are linked to yours when your traveling the information highway.
In the instances when a patron goes online to play multiplayer online games such as poker there is a lot of trust put into the site where the action is taking place. Most individuals get to know the people playing at their table and become regulars and begin to feel comfortable.
Some of the more established poker rooms seem to be loosing touch with the real person playing the game. A case initially investigated and uncovered on the internet forum, was backed up by an investigation and article written by revealed that the PokerStars poker room had been infiltrated by 'bots' or robots that play against real people.

Earlier this year PokerStars closed down a number of accounts belonging to Chinese players who were colluding in double or nothing sit and go tournaments.
Evidence has recently been presented that up to ten accounts on PokerStars are controlled by bots. Most of the time online poker rooms are free of bots thanks to advanced detection techniques which allow them to keep the room 'botless' for the millions of people who enjoy an honest game of online poker.
Computers have the ability to perform calculations much faster than people and make decisions based upon them. This means that a 'bot' has an advantage when it comes to making fast statistical decisions in a game.

The report revealed there were too many similarities in their style of play and betting patterns, human beings never produce such regular and predictable patterns when playing. A key method in detecting robot activity is by watching out for standard human variance in patterns of play.
PokerStars has reacted to the report by shutting down the ten illegal accounts and freezing all the money associated with them.  Reputation is a key element in maintaining customers over along period and PokerStars has a good reputation as one of the best poker networks in the world and it is essential that they keep that up. 




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