Polish Authorities To Get Tough on Online Gamblers

Published Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Eastern European countries are nations steeped in tradition and old habits. When it comes to gambling they partake of the activity with great interest and make the best of the situation whether the authorities say it’s alright or not.

Freedom of information in Poland for example has meant a great deal to a nation that has struggled and has been oppressed many times during its long history.
Putting gambling and the internet together has given Polish players an opportunity to have some fun and feel connected to the whole wide world.

Online gambling was recently banned in Poland but people for the most part did not bother to heed the official edicts. It is being suggested now that the government intends to crack the whip and make offenders tow the line. Since the prohibition on online gambling in Poland gambling has actually increased with punters making more bets than ever before. The authorities in Poland are now determined to stamp out the illegal web activity with dramatic and harsh measures.

New amendments to the Gambling act in Poland supposedly coming at the end of the year will give the police the power they need to arrest and prosecute anyone advertising online gambling or using the internet to place wagers.
It is not sure exactly why such punitive measures for playing online are to be instituted. There is some suggestion the land based casinos and betting shops are suffering a decline in attendance because people are using the net to place their bets. It is possible that these tax paying owners are lobbying in secret to have the ban more strictly enforced.
The internet has changed the way people do many things not just gambling. Travel agents are almost a thing of the past when it comes to bookings, the internet has managed to make the industry a do it yourself endeavor.
Polish punters spent a lot of money gambling online in 2009 if fact over 50% more than they spent in casinos and shops in 2008. The sad part is the Polish government wants the player to be restricted instead of the online gambling operators.




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