French Regulatory Authority Pulls PokerStars 'Home Games' Function

Published Thursday, February 10, 2011 -

France is one of the hardest jurisdictions in the world to set up an online gambling operation due to strict rules governed by the Regulatory Authority of Online Games (ARJEL).Recent changes in the regulations have prompted the Authority to suspend one of the popular activities offered by the Poker Stars website.
French players on the internet poker site run by Poker Stars will be suspended from playing Poker Stars new “Home Games” program. The temporary shut down of the Home Games offering is to give ARJEL time to review the games and determine whether or not the games program complies with new regulations set out by the French government.

Poker Star players are allowed to create exclusive “clubs” within the Home Games function and then take part in tournaments and other aspects  other the poker games. 
The Home Games function allows a club “manager” to create ring game tables, establish tournament buy-ins and track the progress of each player where the player can win prizes and cash at the conclusion of the clubs season.
The Regulatory Authority of Online Games  sees  there is a clear violation of existing rules that require licence holders in France to establish the stake for every game. Differing that  function to the manager of the “club” or the players is not acceptable practice according to ARJEL.
ARJEL has not given a firm answer for the resolution of the issue which, it is suggested could take some  time .

The issue was described on the ARJEL web site and a statement was made concerning the pulling of the Home Games function, “The Regulatory Authority of Online Games (ARJEL) decided to make a system analysis of Home Games to be able to ensure compliance with French law.”  Poker Stars received it’s online gambling and poker license in July of 2010.  

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