Online Casino Accounts Need Secure Passwords

Published Sunday, April 10, 2011 -

When players create an identity for themselves for an online casino account there is usually a password required for security reasons. When choosing that key to your account players should keep in mind that a carefully chosen password is like having a proper lock on your front door. There are some standard requirements for a really secure password that will keep hackers at bay. 

Many players are leaving themselves at risk from fraud and identity theft because they choose short and simple online passwords that leave them susceptible to a basic, brute force password attack.
The findings of the report by data security expert Imperva found that a third of people choose passwords made up of six or fewer characters, while 60% opt for passwords from a limited set of alpha-numeric characters. Almost 50% of users used names, slang words, dictionary words or trivial passwords such as consecutive digits, or adjacent keyboard keys. Nearly 50% of people also used the same or  similar password for all the websites they use really not knowing they are at risk of online fraud or identity theft.  

Amichai Shulman, chief technical officer at Imperva, advises people to avoid using these common passwords, when using social networking, shopping and online banking sites. "Everyone needs to understand what the combination of poor passwords means in today's world of automated cyber attacks: with only minimal effort, a hacker can gain access to one new account every second - or 17 minutes to break into 1,000 accounts," Shulman said.
Some good advice includes, never using a single word that you might find in the dictionary. Hackers often use an automated program, known as a ‘dictionary attack’. Short passwords less than seven digits long are particularly vulnerable to dictionary attacks and don’t forget to change your passwords on a regular basis.
Shulman says: "It's time for everyone to take password security seriously; it's an important first step in data security.”


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