American Gaming Association Supports DoJ Online Poker Bust

Published Tuesday, May 10, 2011 -

Frank Fahrenkopf, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Gaming Association (AGA), said recently that, “Americans like to gamble online. Millions of Americans bet billions of dollars a year at offshore foreign websites and have demonstrated that they will do so even if their government tells them it is illegal.” Fahrenkopf added,  “However, many of the websites offering these activities have been in direct violation of U.S. law. They have been run by individuals who, according to the Justice Department, engaged in serious criminal activity, including bank fraud and money-laundering.”

Reacting to the recent events imposed on online poker by the DoJ in the USA Fahrenkopf explained, “The American Gaming Association supports strong law enforcement oversight and applauds the Justice Department for bringing charges against those companies that have shown no respect for the laws of the United States.” Continuing the CEO said, “Moreover, online gaming operators who fill this void will be even less regulated and less trustworthy than their predecessors, which will only hurt American consumers.” “That’s why we need to use this moment to create a safe, regulated online gaming experience.”

The American Gaming Association (AGA) opened its office in Washington, D.C., in June 1995 with the fundamental goal of creating a better understanding of the gaming entertainment industry by bringing facts about the industry to the general public, elected officials, other decision makers and the media through education and advocacy.
The AGA represents the commercial casino entertainment industry by addressing federal legislative and regulatory issues affecting its members and their employees and customers, such as federal taxation, regulatory issues, and travel and tourism matters.
Mr. Fahrenkopf, also went on to describe the AGA position, “the AGA supports the licensing and regulation of online poker in the United States because we know U.S.-licensed gaming companies, following proven and rigorous gaming regulations, will provide safe, honest and responsible sites for the use of the men and women who want to play online poker. It will also protect Americans from unscrupulous operators and bring the jobs and revenues associated with this billion-dollar industry back to the U.S.”






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