Yet Another Law Suit For Full Tilt Poker To Fight

Published Friday, September 09, 2011 -

If betting that Full Tilt Poker was going to come back was on the odds list the bookies would be saying ‘no way’. Some more nails have been added to the Full Tilt dilemma. This time the lawyers involved in the class action suit filed by various groups to recover significant sums of money from the troubled Full Tilt Poker an entity of Pocket Kings based in Ireland have quit.

According a report in the eGaming Review Magazine the lawyers filed a motion to withdraw as “attorneys of record with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York,” The lawyers claimed they won’t be able to sustain the protracted laws suit and remain solvent.
Well that is not the last straw yet as Full Tilt Poker takes blow after blow and gives the impression that everything is just fine and things will sort themselves out eventually. Full Tilt Poker had its license to operate suspended by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission way back  in June thus leaving the company in dry dock and unable to turn a dime. The Commission decided recently that they would postpone the second hearing four days. The second round of hearings into the dealings and actions of the Full Tilt Poker operation is scheduled to be heard 9 a.m. on Monday September 19, 2011. The scrapping that went on during the first hearing into the Full Tilt picture was unprecedented.

So what is next for Full Tilt to pay attention too, yet another class action law suit against them. The suit, which has to be authorized by a Quebec judge before proceeding, could benefit Canadian gamblers who were frozen out by the Department of Justice in April.
Orenstein, of Consumer Law Group Inc., filed the class action with Quebec Superior Court, recently. One gambler from Canada said Full Tilt was holding $250,000 of his funds. Well there you go yet another hard luck story for Full Tilt Poker.

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