Facebook To Advertize Authorized Online Casinos

Published Thursday, November 10, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

The need for advertizing in the web world includes print, signs, and television just to name a few so connecting to millions of people can have advantages. The new rules for Facebook advertizing now includes online casinos.
Target marketing, as every thirty year old knows, is the most effective form of marketing and it is what keeps the industry rolling along. These changes will enable, poker, sports, lotteries, and virtual casinos to actually target their respective markets.

There are many millions of poker players who use the Zynga online poker room for fun. The United States is a restricted jurisdiction. Regulations require that no advertizing of online casinos or gambling is allowed to be targeted to America, which only makes sense when looking at how difficult the situation is there.
Facebook is forward thinking with the changes in their advert rules, knowing that the data base the company owns is stellar. The $30,000 dollar price tag for a spot will deter the little guys but shouldn’t seem out of line for the massive firms that will surely be on Facebook soon.

Facebook has strict regulations and all gambling websites must have its authorization and consent before any advertizing takes place. ‘All ads that facilitate or promote online gambling, lotteries, sports booking, poker, bingo, and all other games of skill and chance are only allowed in those countries that have authorization from Facebook’. There are other proposed changes, including chat features, privacy , video calling and advertizing guidelines, Facebook, is positioning itself in many ways to get even bigger, if that’s possible.
The promotion of online casinos on Facebook is bound to boost casino sales in the Asian and European jurisdictions. Facebook stands to make some serious money, banking on the way the mobile and social networking trend has expanded with much deeper penetration of internet access in many parts of the world.



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