Support for Universal Online Gambling Rules in E. U. Growing

Published Thursday, November 10, 2011 -

The Euro Zone is stressing financially right now, much the same as America and for the second time in just a few years it looks as if the word may be slipping into another recession. That doom and gloom being said, people are still going to want to be entertained and have some time out from just work so as with the last slow down online casinos and sports books will be busy. 

The European Union has a lot on its plate at the moment but politicians still seem eager to set up a proper framework for a level playing field for the online gambling industry in the jurisdiction. Industry executives are on the edge of their seats as the members of the EU parliament, during their plenary session in Strasbourg, MEPs will vote on a report drafted by German Liberal MEP Jürgen Creutzmann. The report wants clear action across the board to deal with issues such as social problems related to excessive gambling and fraud.
Creutzmann said in his well received report, he recognizes the right for national governments to regulate online gambling  in line with their “traditions and cultures.” He is seeking wide support in the plenary because “the European Commission will do something only if there is a big majority”.

Sigrid Ligné, who is Secretary-general of the European Gaming and Betting Association, said recently that attention must be paid to a common standard for the European online gambling industry in order to avoid what the secretary general calls a fragmented system consisting of twenty seven nations. Ligné also commented,  “The Commission's inactivity continues to embed illegal behaviour.” EU law should be adhered to and that the European Court of Justice should follow through appropriately to keep everything fair. “The Commission needs to act as the guardian of the treaty,”
The European commissioner for the internal market, Michel Barnier will inform the parliament of his position on internet wagering  in 2012.


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