South African Online Gambling Still Available

Published Tuesday, January 10, 2012 -

South Africa took its time deciding whether to legalize online gambling or to prohibit the past time and try to police it. The government did decide to ban it last year making online gambling from within the country illegal.  The edict has not stopped several offshore firms from offering online gambling services to South African punters.
A recent article in IT Web News points out the facts and online gambling offerings that were  accessible from within the country, Some were still advertising the fact they accept local currency for wagers.

Swaziland-based Casino Enterprises fought the law but the law won and the operator conceded and does not offer online wagering anymore. The landmark judgment handed down in the Bloemfontein Supreme Court of Appeals was the result of a long argument as well as much deliberation on the part of the government. Online casinos that are marketing their offerings to the local market and allowing punters to place bids in South African rands are breaking the law.

South Africa passed abill in 2007 effectively making online gambling legal yet nothing was ever completed, no licenses were issued and the regulations, finally published for comment in 2009, were not supported by Parliament's Trade and Industry Portfolio Committee.
Recommendations from the newly formed the Gambling Review Commission said to the Department of Trade and Industry that the law should proceed and at least ten licenses should be granted. Looking at the length of time the parliament took to get this far it is unlikely that any change in the current situation will take place soon. The illegal casinos are profiting handsomely but punters have been warned by the Gauteng Gambling Board that those who gamble illegally face the risk of having their winnings forfeited. In addition, anyone found guilty under the current law faces 10 years in prison, a R10 million fine, or both.


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