Cops Called In To Crack Down On Belgian Online Gambling

Published Friday, February 10, 2012 -

The professionals against crime were called to help in the country of Belgium. The police force was used in order to help continue the fight against illegal gaming operators. It was felt necessary to enlist the country’s uniformed officers to curtail the further spread of irregular online gambling.
The Belgium officers responded at the request from the Office of Public Prosecution, they currently have a filed report of blacklisted businesses from the Belgian Gaming Commission.
The head of the Gaming Commission’s regulatory unit, Peter Naessens, made a statement  that there would be outright bans used among other methods that would be instigated to control the illegal acts. To ensure Belgium stays within its regulatory mandate, Mr. Naessens suggested means by which illegal operators could get back on the right side of the track. He explained that there are ways to succeed in this for example close down their current website or prevent Belgian gamers from using the website. They could, after the next BGC meeting  be taken off the offenders’ list.
It would be advantageous to these companies to comply. Mr. Naessens is quoted as saying, “We will examine if they really exclude Belgian players at their .com site. If they really do, then we will propose these operators be removed from the blacklist at the next meeting of the BGC.” The next meeting is expected at the beginning of March.
From the first blacklist of illegal operators issued on Wednesday, one of the alleged offenders, protested its appearance on the list. It fears that their internet service providers who are required to block them would do so. CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, claims innocence with regard to allowing Belgian players onto their website which was launched in 2006. They also claim to have never taken any US betters nor allow them to register and feel that having their name on the blacklist is not necessary.



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