Portugese Online Gambling Options Continue to Expand

Published Saturday, March 10, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Recently the government of Portugal has made it favourable for opening up options for online gambling. The tourism minister, Cecilia Meireles has been saying the government is now rethinking the benefits of revenue derived from the activity. 
Meireles has said that the government has decided that it is “a reasonable goal” to start collecting gambling fees in regards to online betting as early as this year. Quoted in a local newspaper Publico, she has said that local legislators have, “unanimously approved” policies to regulate the gambling sector.
Although the details of theses plans are still in the works it is part of the main strategy. Just last month, Portugal News Online has a source quoted as saying that the government expects to gain as much as €250m in government coffers for this year alone from the gambling concessions.
Meireles was apprehensive about further specifics with regards to revenue and declined to express any other particulars on the government’s revenue prospects. She added only that the course of action requires, “some secrecy” implying that the issues around online gambling are perceived to be vulnerable to opposition, hinting that in the global scheme of things many different participants have a part to play.
One among the chief actors will be the lottery and sports betting monopoly, Santa Casa de Misericordia de Lisboa. This Catholic aid organization has been Portugal’s sole online betting alternative since 2003. This is only because it has received the approval of the European Court of Justice in 2009.
Before that Bwin, the well established  international online sportsbook, lost its case to sponsor the Portuguese Football League. It was ordered to terminate its advertising and in fact had to pay damages with a court order. Bwin undeterred continues its legal battle with Portugal’s entrenched gambling monopoly. Portugal's Court of Second Instance will be the next battle ground for Bwin’s attempt to have the decision reversed.


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