New Jersey Approves Online Gambling Bill for Atlantic City-Again

Published Tuesday, April 10, 2012 -

Again the political will has turned towards legal online gambling in the State of New Jersey USA. The Senate Committee assigned the task of finding a solution to Atlantic City’s slump and the debt level in the Garden State has voted for the legal move. That will allow Atlantic City casinos to offer online gambling services residents of New Jersey.

The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee approved a bill that permits all forms of gambling allowed in Atlantic City to be offered online. The bill requires that all the technical equipment for the purpose of internet wagering be established in Atlantic City. A 10 percent tax on Internet gross gaming revenue is the levy set for providers, two percent more than on terrestrial casinos. New Jersey has tried to get this same sort of legislation put into practice only to be vetoed by the Governor of the State Chris Christie. It was thought the veto had various reasons behind it including the fact that the previous bill did not prohibit other venues from offering online betting and it subsidized horse racing which Christie was against.

The new legislation the Committee has approved takes into account the issues presented by Christie. There are no funds allocated to the horse racing industry and there are no other venues allowed to operate online gambling except the established casinos already in Atlantic City. The two Senators who sponsored the bill Ray Lesniak and Jim Whelan are of the opinion this bill addresses the concerns of the governor and will be approved by him this time round. Christie also mentioned that any expansion of gambling in New Jersey would require public input via a referendum an issue the bill takes care of by requiring all servers to be located in Atlantic City. The bill was passed by eleven of the thirteen members.

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