Women Online Poker Professionals See New Opportunities

Published Thursday, May 10, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

The name of the poker game is defined as sizzle. A recent video posted on Calvin Ayre’s ‘gamblin drinkin & carryin on’ web site was a great interview with the new member of the team Bodog poker professional Jay Tan. It wasn’t ‘just about’ Miss Tan that made the interview so interesting, it was as much about fellow pro poker player Tatjana Pasalic, who was doing the video interview. It was obvious that the bonding of the women poker players is very different from the men.

The potential for these very smart women to exceed the male poker pros in wins could be the future of the game. Articulate and intelligent the women on the Bodog poker team have a lot on the go, from making interview videos that are promotional and educational to teaching themselves new poker skills that will come in handy at the tables. The poker world is ready for a little more of this kind of action. Not to be biased but the thrill of poker is in the reactions players have toward one another, as many an old school pro has said ‘you play the other players as much as the cards.’

The great advantage that women have over the men when playing poker may be their way of intuitively knowing ‘what’s up’. Men can be focused on other things, like wanting another beverage or cigar and lose their concentration. The idea of being rich and famous is part of many a dream and for the new women of professional poker that dream can become a reality. The opportunity that is out there for young intelligent women to fulfill their dream is in the form of professional poker and the sponsors such as Team Bodog and Calvin Ayre. A great interview and an inspiration for all skill levels.

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