American Gaming Association Says Online Poker Won't Hurt Casinos

Published Thursday, May 10, 2012 -

The United States of America has gone through and is still experiencing huge shortfalls in its ability to maintain the current standards that the great nation has come to expect. When the economy starts to improve so do people’s hopes of striking it rich and there is usually an increase in the gambling industry revenues.

Keeping a close watch on the profits and trends in America is one thing the American Gaming Association has been good at for years. Each year the Association produces a survey entitled the “State of the States: The AGA Survey of Casino Entertainment”. The overall result was good with a slight but significant increase of three percent in revenues. The effort to gain back lost traction from the recession has been the goal of the twenty two American States that offer gambling. Native gambling operators were not included in the survey. Some states such as Maryland have expanded their gaming offering with very good results on returns. Fifteen of the twenty two states reported gains in revenues over last year. Commercial casinos contributed $7.93b in taxes to state and local budgets in 2011 a four and a half percent increase.

A VP Communications study done in conjunction with the AGA’s report revealed 81 percent people in the US thought gambling in a casino was ‘acceptable’ and that ov 27 percent visited a casino in the past year, and 75 percent said a trip to a casino was good value for the money compared to other entertainment possibilities. It was also revealed that slots are still the number one choice of casinos games at 53 percent. Then blackjack 23 percent, poker at a mere 7 percent and craps and roulette at 3percent each. Budget wise 48 percent of players said they set their spending below $100 but that did not say what the frequency of play was. Frank Fahrenkopf the Association’s CEO said the AGA had concluded that the introduction of online poker would not impact larger casino operations significantly.

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