New Technology Changing the Way Poker Is Played

Published Sunday, June 10, 2012 -

New technology is revamping the way games are presented and played on the internet with a slew of inventions that may aid or may hinder the traditional methods of engagement. Poker comes to mind as many times the game depends on a player’s ability to bluff other players into thinking they have an awesome hand. Reading the opponents facial information is half the battle in determining if a hand is worthy of a large wager. Old school players often say it’s not the cards your playing with it’s the people. Enter the science of perception and the software being developed that will make the human being more transparent than ever before.

New Scientist magazine recently reported on developments in software from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab that is able to read what is going on behind the mask of human expression. The project aptly named Mind Reader uses twenty two points of interest located on a person’s face that can determine the mood and real intent of a person’s expressions. Affdex, a money making version of the application is being beta tested by advertizing firms to calculate reactions to commercials.

When it comes to poker the BluffCam an iOS app developed by WowWee Inc. focuses on educating players how to control their expressions. BluffCam uses technology to measure the player’s heart rate by looking for subtle changes in the colour of the players skin. A future edition of the idea ‘Table Edition’ will allow players to compute the changes in the faces of opposing players. These new technologies are developing rapidly and are being miniaturized to the stealth level. Apple isn’t the only platform that the reading tech will be available from. Project Glass from Google’s research and development department features a heads-up-display-equipped pair of smart-glasses. One day the poker player will be using these methods and the game will be even more complex for some.

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