Gambling On the Stock Market Apples and Oranges

Published Monday, September 10, 2012 -

Comparing apples and oranges is like comparing the stock market in all its variety from the penny stock to the billion dollar buyouts to the gaming world of high stakes cards and million dollar wins at a slot machine.

Some would say that gambling is gambling and the market is the market. Maybe not as different, the penny stock buyer who strikes it rich on a gold mine or the fellow that hits the jackpot playing blackjack.The traders of stock are sellers of a service, and the service of a bookie is necessary for the making of a legal bet. Comparing the services, they are similar and in the opinion of many governments taxable and controllable. Gambling on the stock market takes a considerable stake for companies that are looking to expand. Stakes for some poker games can be in the millions.

Another stock market, gambling industry similarity is the research required and the fact that both are online. Punters who do their home work have a better chance at making a good bet. That’s what is all about, information to make informed choices. The same is true for stock market playing which involves following a firm and factoring in everything you know about the company to make a wise choice. The recent news that the public offerings of big social networking giants have seen the value of the stocks of these very large firms diminish rapidly. The two worlds of money and risk are very much the same in both industries.

The stock market gamble and the other side the entertainment afforded by just watching as internet interest falls. With firms like Zynga and Facebook looking at monetizing their products with social real money gambling the belief is if they build it they will come philosophy, strategy may be a better description for the concept. Gambling, compare the apple and oranges, they look similar, they’re round.

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