Online Sports Betting Info Firms Betgenius and IMG Make a Deal

Published Wednesday, October 10, 2012 -

Betgenius according to Wikipedia is a software company that provides real-time odds comparison services to the public and bookmakers. This firm is more than that as it also provides by arranging and distributing information that is vital to understand the events of global sporting events.

Now Betgenius is pleased to announce it has struck a deal with IMG Media. The new arrangement will give Betgenius exclusive use of tennis information gathered by IMG’s newest subsidiary Enetpulse. IMG Media announced recently that they had acquired the majority portion of the information powerhouse founded in 2000 with a focus on delivering high quality, fast and reliable data for over 60 sports. Enetpulse in 2011 was awarded the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for ATP & WTA official live scoring tennis data.

The deal between Betgenius and Enetpulse gives Betgenius access to all ATP and WTA tennis data for four years offering the service too all of their current customers. The Chief xecutive Officer of Betgenius Mr.Mark Locke commented on the deal, “We are delighted to be able to partner with IMG and Enetpulse with respect to their compelling and official tennis data. This deal further demonstrates Betgenius’ commitment to service the sports gaming industry with the best products using the highest quality data available.”

The Vice President of Digital for IMG Media, Mr. Freddie Longe, was also pleased to say, “The supply of data to the sports industry is becoming increasingly important and Enetpulse, with their progressive vision, excellent technical infrastructure, key federation relationships and industry expertise, is a company who are at the forefront of this market. This acquisition signals the start to IMG Media’s strategy to work in partnership with official rights holders to provide quality, official data to the market.” Quality data is incredibly important to the sports bookies as well as the players who when informed make better betting decisions.

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