Online Poker Senate Bill Introduced in California

Published Sunday, March 10, 2013 -

The USA has been slowly reintroducing online gambling state by state after the shredding of the industry back in 2006. The need in America for a clear and defined set of rules regarding online gambling is far from a done deal although Delaware Nevada and New Jersey are well on their way to becoming legal.

There are many other states considering legislation to allow online wagering and the one that punters are keeping an eye on is the entertainment and tech state of California. Silicon valley has taken up the cause and embraced the development of casino software enabling the social media gambling for real money trend. Talks have been underway in California to legalize online poker but have been stalled by the various stake holders who want their fair share of the gambling pie.

Recently Senator Lou Correa , put forth Senate Bill 678 representing the latest effort for an internet poker bill in California. The tribal gambling industry is the largest in the USA and has been instrumental in bogging down a legal online gambling platform resolution in California. California has thirty-eight million residents representing huge potential for online poker and other gambling games. This is the third internet gambling bill to be introduced in California’s Senate in the last three years. The latest official content of the internet poker bill, SB 678, has not yet been released for public perusal, it is expected to spell out specifically a legal framework for internet poker. This framework is expected to outline the guidelines for the proposed industry.

The responsibility for controlling and running will fall on the shoulders of the gaming commission for the state of California. The need for a regulated online poker offering in California is still a long way from becoming a reality but with yet another attempt there is hope.

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