Online Gambling Operator Separates Payment Wing

Published Wednesday, April 10, 2013 -

A respected publication Tech Crunch recently reported that Digital Entertainment has separated the payment platform Kalixa from its holdings giving the wing operational independence.

Kamran Hedjri, Kalixa’s chief commercial officer, said the company had gained experience and association business while engaged with the online gambling industry and parent firm Digital Entertainment. Kalixa processed Euro 2.7 billion in transactions for some 300 merchants; its pre-paid credit cards, backed by Mastercard, were in use by over 150,000 Europeans last year.

Hedjri stated that has spent as much as 100 million euro developing Kalixa’s technology so far. This move will be good for both the payment processor and the online gambling operator. The need to expand its customer base in other sectors to compete on a global scale with firms such as Google and Pay Pal. The company has been doing well for the past twelve years and has announced it will be launching new mobile and online wallet products. The international e-commerce market passed sales of $1 trillion for the first time in 2012, and is projected to reach $1.3 trillion in 2013. Tech Crunch reported, CEO of Kalixa, Ed Chandler said, “Most merchants and consumers don’t know that up to ten different companies are involved in making or accepting a single payment, with each one taking a cut and expecting a return. This is adding unnecessary cost, complexity and risk to merchant and consumer payments. Chandler continued, “In times of austerity, businesses with shrinking margins and consumers with lighter wallets simply cannot go on paying over the odds.

Kalixa is here to disrupt this scenario. We intend to trim the ‘fat’ by removing the excess links in the value chain to make payments simple and secure.” Kamran Hedjri, added to the published report, “Being connected to a regulated, online gambling company helped us develop a lot of benefits and particular skills in areas like fraud management. Now we show those in other sectors like travel how best to approach this.”

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