Online Gambling Report Supported By Majority in E.P.

Published Tuesday, September 10, 2013 -
Online Gambling Report Supported By Majority in E.P.

The European Union is beginning to sort out the harmonizing of online gambling regulations for the member nations but not without difficulties.

A recent press release from Brussels has revealed the majority in the European Parliament supports the European Union in its stance to take greater leadership and action with regards to the issues surrounding online gambling regulations.

British Conservative Member of the European Parliament , Ashley Fox, in his report proposes a variety of options for the Member States to look into ahead of the upcoming new European Parliament and European Commission sessions in 2014.

Secretary general of the EGBA, Maarten Haijer, commented on the proposals in the report, "Today's vote, which is the third report on gambling in the mandate of this European Parliament, highlights once more the growing interest of the EU to take action and responsibility in this area," Haijer continued, "While the report does not call for harmonization of the sector yet, it supports new EU action in many areas such as customer e-verification and improved cross border cooperation. These initiatives are crucial to streamline identification procedures, simplify licensing procedures and remove unnecessary administrative burden for cross border operators. Last but not least, the vote confirms, in line with previous parliamentary reports, the political support from the European Parliament for the Commission to finally launch infringement procedures against those Member States that continue to breach EU law. This is the only way to ensure an attractive and competitive regulated offer, and prevent consumers from turning to more competitive but unregulated websites."

The report presentation has put pressure on Commissioner Barnier to fulfill promises he made regarding he action plan agreed upon last year by the European Commission. The action plan calls for some sort of response to the non compliant EU member states who continue to retain gambling monopolies that violate E.U. rules regarding free e-commerce among nations.

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