Optimism for Sustained Growth in Online Gambling Industry

Published Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

The Financial Times, in the U.K has become a solid promoter it seems of online gambling. In an editorial opinion the word is that online gambling will definitely have investment potential because of a number of factors in play within the industry and within the political attitude that is changing in the European Union. An accelerated liberalization and opening of the market in Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Sweden, with some signs of positive change in Germany are positive signs for sustainable growth.

Since the ban on online gambling in the USA and the demise of some of the top earners in the US market coupled with the enforcement by countries like the USA to prosecute those executives who were in violation of rules within some of those countries, there was an element of risk for the industry. Banks and financial institutions which were targeted as the means for restrictions in the USA, stayed away from anything connected with web based gaming. Now as consolidation continues to be the way forward online gambling operators are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Technology that gives the gambling public a full range of gambling products in their own home has driven an expanding market. The recession has caused the travelling public to diminish and land based casinos are suffering with the web based operators picking up the slack. Non smoking policies has also driven attendance down in Bingo Halls and Casinos only to have online sites excel. Broadband proliferation in Central and South America twinned with newest available mobile technology will propel online gambling to even bigger markets on those continents. Some of the most successful and largest land based casino industry leaders see the writing on the wall and are moving ahead to solidify their positions in cyberspace. While the opening of the USA market is a long time off some say it is still a possibility. China on the other hand is still too tough a nut to crack for the time being. Optimism is based on facts and in the case of online gambling the facts support the trend.

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