Poland's New Gambling Law Killing Football Sponsorship

Published Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Polish online gambling laws have changed as of January first 2010 and are causing a great deal of difficulty for just a few companies in the sector.

Swedish online sports-betting company Unibet, has been let go as a sponsor for The Polish Football Federation in order to comply with the new laws in Poland. Eastern Europe has great potential for market growth in the online gambling world but has hit a snag in Poland. The financial heart of the football league is sponsorship and the with this withdrawal of funding for the clubs may spell disaster for some who are already struggling to maintain the sport. The Polish government hasbanned all forms of gambling outside of the land-based casinos. Advertising of international gambling companies has been halted altogether with possible European Court of Justice implications. Betfair's initiative for free movement of goods and services in the E.U., Right2Bet, has denounced the move as draconian, commenting, "The development will come as a hammer blow to the league, its clubs and their supporters, who are now being robbed of the chance to earn the type of money needed if Polish football is to progress and regain a sure footing in the global game," The Right2Bet web site goes on to expose, "Amazingly, this new legislation only came about as a result of the government trying to pass the buck, after members of the Cabinet were charged with corruption. The disgraced politicians were found to be opposing higher taxes on gambling institutions based on their ties with them, and rather than blame the individuals responsible, the government looked to appease the public by blaming gambling itself, and the new bill was proposed and passed at breakneck speed." These moves by European countries to restrict licensed and regulated online gambling operators from conducting business is worthy of a court battle and many operators are already setting aside funds for the fight.

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