International Gambling Law Summit 2010 Sept 22nd 23rd London

Published Saturday, September 11, 2010 -

The most crucial part of a successful business is a proper business plan which usually comes with a legal component. Critical to making an online gambling operation a reality that can promote itself as reliable and trustworthy is making sure the operation is legally compliant.
Knowledge of these requirements is what every online gambling executive must have in order to stay ahead of one of the most competitive industries in the world today.

The Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge, London, England will host this year's International Gambling Law Summit 2010. On Wednesday and Thursday the 22nd and 23rd of September the participants will take an in depth look at the legal and regulatory developments in online and land based gambling across Europe

The speakers will predict and analyze the possible scenarios for the immediate future and more.
As the gaming industry shows few signs of slowing down and the online gambling continues to be more accepted by the public and governments opportunities become even greater for the entrepreneur who knows the laws. Social media and interactive television plus mobile applications are all subject to changes in legal status which can affect markets severely.

Being aware of current legal trends and possible changes that may open up previously closed markets is an opportunity to maximise expansion and increase the bottom line.
The key focus for the conference will be new opportunities and how they can be made profitable successfully, while staying within the legal parameters.

Also on the two day agenda are acquisition, mergers and preparing your organisation for the growth in b2b. A detailed look at liberalising markets, over protectionism and licensing infringement procedures with recent ECJ guidance. Member state reforms and how will they affect the market and of course advertising with an in-depth analysis of recent developments in gambling law. The ever changing situation with sport betting and gaming, integrity and fraud will be discussed.





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