Poker Stars Over the Top Ad Banned By German Broadcasters

Published Thursday, November 11, 2010 -

Gambling in general is a fun past time with few actual physical risks involved.
In today’s advertising world the shock factor seems to be a tell tale sign of what the world is coming too. Violence prevails in films especially action pictures that are really there to thrill. In Germany the people have become outraged by an advert that Broadcasters in Germany have decided to ban.

The over the top advertisement for Poker Stars was taken off the air not long after it was first aired. The “violent and upsetting content” is obviously not appropriate for the average viewer. The high end commercial shows poker players being slaughtered, one by one by almost every means possible. Watching this advertisement is not for the faint of heart and includes a stabbing death by wine glass stem, machine gun helicopters and poison gas emitted by a small stuffed bear.

The voice over says something about “loving your enemies” in English, with a printed ending after all the destruction of all the participants to play online poker because it is safer. Poker Stars is attempting to cash in on the German market which is one of the fastest growing poker markets in Europe today. However German broadcasting authorities have pulled the advertising spot and rightly so.

Poker Stars has really pushed the limits on this one much like the company tried to push the envelope previously in the UK. An objection was lodged in 2008 by the UK Advertising Standards Authority claiming the Poker Stars advert  featuring Daniel Negreanu  was aired that they said encouraged  “courage, conviction and confidence”, making online poker sound too attractive to young consumers. The ASA ruling said: “Courage, conviction and confidence were attributes that demonstrated mental toughness or resilience and would be seen as admirable qualities by the target audience of 21 to 44-year-old men. We also considered that the claim implied not only that those qualities were needed in order to play poker, but also that success at poker would enhance those qualities.”








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