New Jersey Online Gambling Moves Forward

Published Tuesday, January 11, 2011 -

The story that has been dominating the news for a long time now is the debate on online gambling in the USA. New Jersey legislators have passed a law that effectively makes internet gambling legal in their state opening the issue to even further speculation.
The bill was championed and originated by New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak.

The legislation is considered a brilliant solution to revitalize the ailing Atlantic City and its infrastructure. The state is moving first to capture the tech trades and everything else that goes with running and hosting online casinos. Analysts are going with is this as a good idea and potentially a great benefit for the coffers of the New Jersey government.

Playtech and Party Gaming are two European based operators that will stand to gain from any kind of state or federal legalization of online gambling as well as other operators that have business to business situations and have settled their accounts with the Department of Justice. Even the Italian firm Lottomatica’s GTECH unit may benefit from the New Jersey decision.

Christopher Christie, The Governor of New Jersey, will have to approve the bill over the next 45 days, after which point it will become law if not veto is imposed by the Governor. Politicians are always on the look out for an issue and it may be that although New Jersey has passed a law that will allow online gambling within its state borders it may become a Federal court issue quickly.

Counting on the share that online gambling my bring to the Atlantic City area and New Jersey is a possible stretch but then after all in the State Assembly, or lower house, they passed the bill by a vote of 63-11, while thirty-four of the thirty-six state senators voted to approve the measure.






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