Latin American Internet Wagering Potential Report Released

Published Friday, March 11, 2011 -

Latin America is the next big market for the online gambling industry, and research into the potential there has become a valuable commodity in itself. The question on many investor’s minds is why put our financial backing into Latin America which has been a politically volatile area for a long time.

There have been many changes in the Latin American jurisdiction recently that indicate the region of thirty three countries and a population of approximately five hundred and seventy million is ripe for those looking for opportunities. Investors in the industry, such as online server operators, equipment, financial service providers and technology providers are all looking at the Latin American market opening up.

Gaming and gambling countries in Latin America include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. There are also smaller gaming and gambling markets found in Nicaragua, Paraguay and Uruguay. has announced a new report entitled, "Latin American Gaming & Gambling Report 2011" which focuses on the market in the Latin American jurisdiction with a country by country break down of stats and potential. The existing infrastructure for telecommunications which includes broadband and mobile internet availability in Latin America, provides the bases for huge potential for Internet and Interactive TV gambling applications. Internet penetration in Latin America by 2009 was at 32.1%, reaching over 182.7 million people with a growth rate increase of 30% per year. The online gambling industry requires these technologies and demographics to succeed.

Mobile gambling is the sector with the biggest growth potential and statistics indicated by the report are supported by the facts.  The mobile device penetration in Latin America in 2009 was above the world average at 80% the system reaches approximately 469 million people.  Latin American countries could benefit financial for allowing and encouraging regulated and licensed internet wagering both from the industry investment and from taxes gained from the millions wagered everyday in the region.



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