Rival Gaming Software to Power BetPhoenix Online Casino

Published Monday, April 11, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

With the recent announcement from BetPhoenix online casino that it would suspend operations for a week while it changed its software provider, speculation sprang up as to which software company BetPhoenix would choose.
The speculation is over with BetPhoenix’s re-launch with Rival software as the choice.  Rival Gaming software was launched in 2006 and is wholly owned by Black Chip Ltd., a company that is based in Cyprus.

Nicolas Johnson a spokesperson for the BetPhoenix casino explained the choices were between Rival and Betsoft opting for Rival to replace existing provider RealTimeGaming. Johnson continued to comment hoping to satisfy player queries, “By moving to become a stand-alone Rival licensee, we hope to be able to offer faster payouts and better service, and a casino that is the best in its class. We stopped taking player deposits a while ago to make sure the least amount of player balances get trapped. If a player has any issues with a trapped balance, we will be glad to work with that player to ensure they receive fair treatment.” Johnson added, “We are making pay outs, allowing players to use their balance in our other properties, and trying our best to make this as smooth as possible.”

Previous announcements said, "The move is strictly focused on improving our current customer experience, and we hope any inconvenience that may be caused due to this transition will be offset by the improved gaming experience we will be able to provide,"

BetPhoenix online casino, offers poker, sports, betting, casino games, lottery, bingo, and live dealer action since 2007. Speculation has been rampant that BetPhoenix wanted to trap deposits, the accusations were rebuffed by Mr. Johnson by saying, "It would be insane for us to 'want to trap balances' as some are suggesting is our intention. That is like accusing us of burning cash to sell the ashes."


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