Olympic Committee Issues Gambling Ban

Published Monday, July 11, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

Rampant illegal gambling in the world of sports has the International Olympic Committee making strict rules to combat the activity and make the Olympics a corruption free event. In order to accomplish this goal the IOC has implemented a total gambling prohibition protocol on all athletes, coaches, staff and industry VIPs  political people, journalists and any one else with any ties or links to the games whatsoever.

IOC president Jacques Rogge, has been adamant about eradicating corruption in sport, said in a strong statement, that there was “no room for complacency".
The actions is understood to be a positive one that will keep the irregular betting at bay and keep the Olympics from match fixing and the plague of illegal activity.
Regulated online gambling operators are watching closely for any thing out of the ordinary when it comes to wagering on the Olympic Games and all other major sporting events where the betting volume is excessive. Changes in betting patterns are immediately recognized by the operators and reported to authorities.

Mr. Rogge also was quoted as saying at the 123rd IOC session in Durban S.A., “Protecting the integrity of sport is a priority for the IOC. In all these areas, cooperation with governments is essential.”
Essential in so many ways the very idea of the Olympics has rested on the measures the Committee takes to ensure integrity in sports. In place of just telling the various governments that they should tighten the rules for corruption in sport the IOC president said previously that sports bodies should receive a cut of licensed betting revenues which may help some of those struggling with the issue financially do something about it.
The strict measure to ban all wagering for those connected with the Olympic Games is on the right track. Those athletes found in violation of the IOC rules from 16 July to 15 Aug 2012 may have to forfeit any medals won at the games and will receive lifetime bans from all future Olympics.




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